The Great “OLD” Debate


I still hear folks debating the issue of using “choruses” or “hymns” in corporate worship. Well, I would like to declare a moratorium on the “hymns vs. choruses” debate. Let’s especially put an end to the “vs.” part of the equation. Folks, let me give you an observed truth and reality. The debate is useless. It should be over, and if we have a problem with either, we need to get over it. Worship in this church, First Baptist Hobbs, NM, and virtually every modern church, uses both, and will continue to do so. Change your attitude. Learn to like new music. Learn some new songs. Do your best to look beyond what you like or don’t like, and see why we use any music in worship: to help us worship God. Don’t offer excuses, offer sacrifices. Don’t be negative, be positive. Don’t be a consumer, be a worshiper. Don’t be a whiner, be a witness for Christ.


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