Some thoughts about church


I had a thought the other day. What if the only thing folks came to church for was to be in God’s presence and give Him glory? What if we went to church without any expectation of what we were going to get, but totally committed to what we had to give? What if the number one consumer in worship was God, and not us?

I believe there are Christians who desire this. But in many churches, I believe there are so many who are there for other reasons. We desire some sort of expectation. We expect a certain style of music. We hope to hear our favorite song, or at least songs we like. Some go out of duty. Some go out of habit. Some go for a certain feeling or emotion. Some go because they feel guilty about something. Some go because others expect them to go. Some go for their friends and fellowship.

So many reasons, and none seem bad. But every Christian needs to examine their motive for going to church. First and foremost, we are there for God’s pleasure, not our own. Worship is all about God. We should expect nothing. What do we deserve? We should passionately, whole-heartedly give God the glory He deserves.

Maybe if we would focus intensely and exclusively on God, we won’t find anything to gripe and complain about.

Have a great day!



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