Talking about Worship


How do we talk about worship? I’m a worship leader, so folks often encourage me for the job I’ve done leading a worship service. I always appreciate kind words. I even appreciate kind criticism. I don’t want to be critical of anything said, but I when I hear comments about a worship service, I realize we don’t really know how to talk about worship. Here’s what I hear:

“I enjoyed that song.”
“The music was great today.”
“I love it when ‘so and so’ sings.”
“I love it when we do that.”

I used to know a fella that would always say “good program today.” I never thought of a worship service as a program. These comments sound like we’ve just attended some entertainment venue: a concert, a movie or a show. And why not? That’s what we know. But worship should be different. Worship is not done for our entertainment. It’s done for God’s glory. We just don’t know how to talk about worship.

I guess we just use language we know, or perhaps we are such good consumers that even when we worship God, our only comments are about what the worship did for us. How did it effect me? What did I get out of worship? If worship is supposed to about what we do for God, then why are our comments about what worship did for us?

I don’t really know what would be appropriate. Would comments like these be more appropriate?

“I really connected with God today.”
“You really helped me express my love for God today.”
“God touched me today.”
“The worship today really got me to see who God is.”
“God was glorified today.”
“You really helped me worship today.”

Well, I just don’t know the best words to use. “Thank You” is always most appreciated. I do, however, wonder what God’s comments would be. I’m afraid they would be something like “You didn’t give me your all today.” “I know you tried to worship, but the sin in your heart is all I saw today.” or “You held back today. Why don’t you let go and let me take care of you?”

What do you think? What does He think? Inquiring minds want to know.



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