My Sunday Off


Every worship leader needs to take some Sundays off once in a while. I don’t think I’ve had one for more than a year. So I took a Sunday off from my church, drove to a neighboring city and found another church to just worship from the pew.

I went to Christ Church in Midland, Texas. I did not plan to go there, but at about 10:30, which I thought was about the time a service started, I saw a sign that said “Christ Church, 3 blocks” with an arrow. I turned and 3 blocks later, pulled into the lot.

It’s not often that I get to experience being a first time visitor. I was promptly greeted, offered coffee and donuts, visited a view minutes with Greg, and was warmly greeted by several friendly folks.

It turned out that the next service (they have 3) didn’t start ’til 11:25, so I decided to just go wait quietly in the sanctuary for the service to start. Laurie, from the praise team greeted me and asked me if I sing. I said yes and was promptly invited to join them. They were just about to go through the songs for the service.

So much for a Sunday off, right? Wrong. It was great. The service was small, about 60 worshipers in this service. This was their “contemporary” service. I believe it meant that they used guitars, keyboards and praise team to lead the music, instead of a piano and a choir. I believe it was a bit less formal. (I’m sorry I missed the earlier, more formal service.)

Christ Church is an Anglican church. They use the Liturgy, so they were celebrating Trinity Sunday. There were some liturgical elements to the service, but the atmosphere was relaxed and unintimidating. The service included singing, praise, prayer, scripture reading, sermon, offering, confession, communion and blessing. We sang the Doxology after the offering and sang the Lord’s Prayer. Most of the music was familiar. Adequate instruction was in the church brochure. Allen also helped me know what to do. I believe just about anyone could have easily joined in the worship. The worship of God was definitely the purpose for being there. It was a blessing to worship with these brothers and sisters in Christ.

I’d love to have an opportunity to worship with this wonderful congregation again, but my job will make it very unlikely. (I wonder if I could make the early service some time and get back to my church on time? I do gain an hour from the time change.) It was refreshing to see how other Christians worship. It was very different than what is expected in most Baptist congregations. Yet I truly believe God was glorified by our worship. I know I worshiped. It was great.

Folks of Christ Church, Midland, thank you. It was a blessed day! May God continue to bless you as you build His kingdom in your neighborhood.

God Bless!



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