Alabama Mountain Climbing


Alabama is beautiful. We love the trees, the lakes, the rivers, the farms and the many beautiful homes. There’s a lot to see and I hope we will eventually see it all.

I enjoy getting out into the wilderness. I love the solitude, feeling like its just you and God. Most of my wilderness experience has been New Mexico and West Texas, great places like the Guadalupe Mountains, Big Bend National Park, the Peco Wilderness, to name a few. Places where you can get away from the fast pace of our modern civilization. Peace and quiet. No phones or electricity. No tv or computer. Panoramic views. Fresh air. This past weekend, my wife Karen and I went on our first hike since moving to Alabama. We went to climb the Flagg Mountain trail in nearby Coosa County.

After winding up some Coosa County roads, the last 3 or 4 on a dirt road, we came to the trailhead. We were obviously the only hikers there. We were looking forward to a nice quiet, peaceful experience. This was great! After about an hour of hiking through some beautiful woods, the last quarter mile or so was up a clearing. When we go to the top, a funny thing happened. We immediately came upon a white pickup and a couple of boys playing togethe around the tower at the top. The first boy to notice us looked really surprised to see us and said “are you lost?” I said no, that we had hiked up. We chatted a couple of seconds and found they had come up to camp with their Boy Scout troop.

We looked around, enjoyed the view and the 1930’s cabin and tower. As we walked around the tower, we heard sounds of the Alabama football game coming from the cabin! Closer observation revealed a dish. They were watching the came on TV!

So in our attempt to find wilderness, we came upon a scout troop who drove up the mountain to camp out and watch Alabama football on a dish network.

Now I don’t really want to make comparisons, because I’m sure we’re going to find some great wilderness in Alabama. But I can honestly say that I’ve never climbed up a mountain in New Mexico to find a boy scout troop watching football on dish tv.

I found our experience to be quite humorous. We’ve laughed a lot sharing our experience. I hope you get a laugh too.


2 thoughts on “Alabama Mountain Climbing

  1. Jim

    You’ll find that most people in Alabama take their religion seriously, and they take their football religiously.

    Head a bit further north next time, up around Mount Cheaha. The Pinhoti trail can give you a few hours of fun, or a few days if you have the time. I think it even extends now to the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. It goes across the mountain near the entrance of Cheaha State Park (highest point in the state – you can drive right to it). The Silent Trail between Lake Chinnabee and Turnipseed Camp is also good for a day trip or overnight camping.

    There are other great trails, too, like in the Sipsey Wilderness, but Pinhoti is the one we know best.

    Here’s a Website (not mine) that might help:

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