What are your expectations?


I believe that one of the things that keeps us from knowing God is our expectations.

Let me explain. It seems to be human nature to desire a kind of “status quo.” We want the familiar. We want what we are used to. We want to be comfortable. We want what we like.

There is nothing wrong here. That’s who we are. That’s the way we are wired. Its our personality. Maybe more for some than others, yet that’s how we were made.

Yet I believe we have a conflict when we try to do what God would want us to do and then expect everything in our lives to be comfortable and familiar, that same old routine.

Jesus said you can’t put new wine in old wineskins. (Luke 5:36-38) If God wants to pour new wine into our lives, we’ve got to always be new wineskins. We’ve got to stretch. We’ve got to adapt. We’ve got to grow. Sometimes we settle for what is good and comfortable when God wants to give us more.

So there’s got to be a balance here. We’re going to seek that comfortable routine, those things we like, because that’s who we are. But we can’t let our desire for the familiar keep us from the “new wine” God wants to pour into our lives. We’ve got to get beyond what we want, and begin to desire what God wants. Its not easy. But I believe that’s were we need to go.


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