John 3:16


My church choir and I are hard at work preparing the musical “John 3:16 The Numbers of Hope.” Contemporary Christian musician Travis Cottrell has compiled and arranged a collection of songs based on the book of the same title by Max Lucado.

If you grew up in a Baptist church, you know John 3:16. I can’t speak for other denominations. I do remember a girl in my high school who was a member of another denomination who had never heard the  verse. Hopefully that was not a bad reflection of the denomination.

John 3:16 is truly a remarkable verse. If there was one verse that summed up Christianity, it would be a great choice. God loves us, gave His Son to save us, we believe this fact, and we have eternal life.

Now I’m not a theologian, but in my mind there’s got be something that’s true. I believe John 3:16 is truth, and I hope I would believe it is truth even if I wasn’t taught the Christian faith my entire life.

The truth is, God has taken the initiative in our relationship with Him. He loves, He gave His son. The truth is our relationship with Him is based on our belief in Jesus, not by anything we might do to make ourselves right with God.

Some struggle with the simplicity of the truth. But in my mind, if there was anything else we could do, why did Jesus have to come to earth and die? Also, if you could just try to be good, how good would you have to be? How many good works would make your relationship right with God?

If you are searching for truth, take a look at John 3:16. Look at it in context of the entire chapter. I hope you’ll find that it is truth. I also highly recommend the book. Lucado has a talent for communicating theological truth in a way us non-theologians can understand.