The Bottom Line


In business, the term bottom line refers to the last line of a financial statement, the net profit and loss. In a more general sense, the bottom line can also be the main or essential point.

As a worship leader, the bottom line is “are people worshiping?”

There is so much that goes into leading a worship service. You’ve got to deal with instrumentalists,  instruments, singers, technicians, choirs, lights, microphones, monitors, cues, keys, charts, modulations, connection, flow, atmosphere, surprises, mistakes, emotions, ideas, words, technique, and probably a dozen other things I’ve overlooked. And that’s just before the service starts! Its easy to miss the bottom line.

We are worship leaders, and you know the old saying: if no one is following, you’re not leading. We’re so focused on getting everything just right that we can easily distract ourselves from our purpose. Let’s not forget our bottom line. We worship leaders exist to lead people to worship God. It sounds simple, but we need to be reminded weekly, maybe even daily, why we exist.

How can we be certain people are worshiping?

  1. We’ve got to worship, too, and worship begins by surrendering our lives to God.
  2. We’ve got to be prepared. Have you practiced enough? Maybe there are too many details. Maybe its time to simplify. Don’t let the details keep you from worshiping.
  3. We need to stop, watch and listen to our congregations. Maybe we need to plan some worship that the congregation can do without us. I do believe its healthy to let the congregation hear itself sing.

I hope we can all continue to do a better job leading our congregations to worship Him. Worship leaders, don’t forget your bottom line: are people worshiping?