God’s Revelation to Us


The last few days I have been reading in the book of Ezekiel. In it, Ezekiel prophesies to the people of Israel how God is going to judge them for their idolatry. As each judgement is pronounced, Ezekiel adds “…and you shall know that I am the LORD.”

If God still works in our world and in our lives, and I believe He does, then God still works in our lives to show us that He is the LORD. In this sabaticcal season in my life, I’ve been seeking God’s leadership. Where is He going to send me? What does He want me to do? I am doing my best to trust Him for what lies ahead. Its a process that has helped me know again that God is Lord. The things that worry me are nothing to Him. He has provision and guidance that I don’t even know about. So I will continue to do my best to trust Him, and through this time allow God to show me that He is the LORD.