Where is there peace and quiet?


Saturday Karen and I drove over to Sabine National Wildlife Refuge in SW Lousiana. Nature preserves are a great way to get away from it all for a while. When we got out of the car, my first remark was “Wow! Its so quiet!”

Do you ever realize how hard it is to be somewhere where there is no noise? Our new house is back in a neighborhood off of HWY 87 just north of I10. You’d think it would be quiet, but its not. Well before sunrise, you constantly hear the sounds of traffic, the world waking up to another busy day. And that goes on all day and into the evening. I haven’t been out at 3am to see if its quiet then. Maybe it is.

There is sound everywhere. Sounds that we make. Cars, trains, phones, TVs, machines and more are all around us. That’s why opening the car door and hearing nothing was noticed immediately. There is refreshment in silence, hearing nothing but a quiet breeze, the joyful chirp of a nearby bird or the occasional squawk of a duck hiding in the the reeds. I love hearing only the sounds of God’s creation. I just wish I didn’t have to go to such an effort to hear them!

Our lives are filled with noise, much of which we bring on ourselves. Find a way to get away from the noise and enjoy some peace and quiet. Even David admonishes us to be still. “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him…” Psalm 37:7


One thought on “Where is there peace and quiet?

  1. Stephen Bull

    Brad, before Hurricane Rita came through, it was much more quite. The loss of our natural sound barriers really turned up the volume. Not only did we lose the natural beauty, but also the peace of the quite. We are so grateful to have you and Karen as neighbors. Hope you plan on being our neighbors for a very long time. Best regards, Stephen

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