What we have to get right about worship services


There’s alot of stuff written and said about worship these days. Its a very hot topic. I think one of the reasons its so much talked about is because we’ve come to a place where we have so many options about what kind of worship service we’re going to go to. There are so many churches in our metropolitan communities, even small communities, that we can worship pretty much however we want to worship. Many churches even offer multiple services in different styles. Its a new day in church history. Never before have we had so many options to choose from when we decide what kind of worship service we want to attend.

What scares me about this is that we are coming dangerously close to making worship more about what we want instead of what God wants.  We evaluate our worship services by how much we get out of them, or by how they made us feel, or how much we enjoyed the music or the preaching.  Our worship services are expected to meet our wants and desires.

Yet there is a huge part of worship we cannot ignore. Its the fact that worship is for God, not for us. Pleasing God should be our primary purpose in worship. This means that worship is as much about penitence as it is praise. Worship is more about giving that receiving. Its more about sacrifice and submission than about having our own needs met.

When we decide where and how we are going to worship, we’ve got to consider what God might want of us and not just about the things we want. Its contrary to everything our culture is selling us. Its not just about finding something we enjoy. Its about giving glory to God. That’s hard. That’s not always fun. But it will always be right and good.