What is My Title?


When I started in full-time ministry, way back in 1988 (was it really that long ago?) I was called the Music Minister. Sometimes I was called the Song Leader, or the Choir Director. About 10 years later, I went to another full-time position and was called the Worship Pastor. Sometimes I was called the Music Pastor or the Worship Leader. Another 10 years later and another full-time position my official title is “Pastor of Music and Worship Arts.”

Now I don’t have to tell you that titles reflect a change in emphasis over the past 20+ years. I like the change, believing that Worship is the true focus for what my ministry is about. Also, we’ve come to realize that the Pastor is not the only church staff position that does “pastoral” work or ministry. Pastoral refers more to an office of shepherding, nurturing, caring, helping and teaching.

But here’s what I am getting at. I usually tell folks that I’m the Worship Pastor of North Orange Baptist Church. (That’s a little easier to say than my full title.) That doesn’t work. They think I’m the Pastor. So I’ve got to do a little more explaining. I tell them that I lead the worship. That still doesn’t register. Not until I say the word “music” do they really begin to understand what I do. So I tell them I’m the Music Minister, then I get the “ah, now I understand” response. So I guess I should tell folks I’m the Music Minister, which takes me back to where it all started!


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