Thank you Lord for the rain!


Having lived for 20+ years in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico, I was accustomed to long periods without rain. I thought my move to Southeast Texas would end all of that. But apparently you can live a stone’s throw from the ocean and experience drought.

We’ve had an extremely dry spring here. I think our rainfall is about 20 inches below normal. Last week the Orange County Airport had reported between 4 and 5 inches for our yearly total. In a part of the world called “wet Texas” we’ve seen dry, burned landscapes, we’ve had burn bans, forest fires, grass fires, cracks in the ground, extremely low lake levels and many other things associated with drought.

Yet with the rain this week, maybe doubling our annual rainfall, I’ve been reminded of this fact. My efforts to keep my yard alive are pitifully inadequate compared to what the rain can do. Its amazing how quickly the grass responds to some real rainfall. I could water night and day and not get the same results as a couple of good showers.

I believe there is a parallel in our spiritual lives as well. We can do a lot of “spiritual” things to keep our spiritual lives healthy and vibrant like they should be. So many of these things are like watering the yard. They don’t do nearly the good that the Word of God and prayer can do. Reading the Bible and talking with God in prayer will do more for our spiritual lives than anything else. Keep doing those things that help, like reading, hanging out with God’s people, doing things to help others, but don’t neglect reading the Bible and talking with God. I’ve had those times when I’ve neglected these and I regret it. God wants us to have abundant lives. We can’t have it without His Word and prayer.