Lookin’ Good!


Its what’s inside that counts. Right? Then why is our culture so obsessed with how things look? Need a few examples? How many ads have you seen this week that have to do with our appearance? Makeup, clothes, hair products, home decorating, exercise & body building, and the list continues. If you judge by what you see in the media, and that’s an extremely powerful influence on our culture, you’d have to agree that its what’s outside that counts. How we appear in the world is what counts. What we see in our culture is a false, perverted, almost opposite version of what is really important, because what’s inside is more important that what’s outside.

We all know that who we are is more important than what we look like. We all know what’s inside is what really matters. Yet we probably spend more time looking good than we do working on our character, working on who we are. I don’t just want to look good, I want to be good. I don’t just want the appearance of goodness, I want to have a heart that is good. I hope that’s what everyone wants.

Please, don’t neglect your appearance. We do like seeing you looking your best. But put it in perspective. What if I worked as hard on being good as I did on looking good? What if we spent more time praying that we did primping? What if we spent more time reading God’s Word than we spent working out? I confess, I need to spend more time on the things that build my character. I need to spend more time and effort on being good. I want to do the things that transform me in the image of Christ, which should be every Christian’s desire. Worship, pray, read God’s Word, spend time with God’s people, give your life in the service of others… invest your time and effort on being good, and not just looking good. And be reminded that we can never be good without the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sins. Ultimately, He makes us good. But the Christian’s life doesn’t just rest on His grace. We must also work hard to become more like Him every day.