Three Words for Worship Musicians


Be humble.
Be helpful.
Be holy.

I hope my pastor will forgive me for blogging during the sermon, but as I sat down after leading yesterday, this thought was in my head.

Be humble. The world glorifies musicians. Playing or singing to lead worship is so not American Idol. You are using the gifts God has given you to bring glory to God and to help others glorify God. Folks in the congregation need to be aware of this too. Don’t focus on the people up front leading. Do your best to see God through them.

Be helpful. Yesterday after our sound check, one of my musicians spent a few minutes helping a newer member of the band make some improvements in his setup. I appreciated this so much, because I don’t know how to setup electric guitar effects pedals. We all need to be willing to help and accept the help of others. That’s a big part of what a being on a team is all about.

Finally, be holy. The word holy has a double meaning. Both apply to us. We are “set apart” to lead worship. We are gifted with talent and called out to do what we do. Also, being holy is what God is and what he calls us to be. (Lev. 11:44) Its not just a calling, its also a way of life. It is our desire to be godly in all living. Purity, honesty and integrity come to mind.

What is hardest for you? For me its definitely being holy. Time spent learning and practicing holiness is more important and more difficult as a worship leader than learning how to play or sing. Think about it. I hope these three words are an encouragement to you. Be humble, be helpful and be holy.