Remembering Dad


I just wanted to post dad’s obituary. An obituary shares just the physical details of a persons life and legacy. It does not really give you a complete picture of who he was.

Dad was a man dedicated to his family, his church, and his friends. He always bragged on all of his kids and grandkids. He loved all of his brothers and sisters and their families. He was so proud of all them.

Dad was a man with unwavering faith in God. Because of His faith, he is in the physical presence of Jesus now and for eternity. I know I will be with him again.

He taught me by example that a man is a man of his word. When a man says he’s gonna be somewhere, he’s there. He taught me to never make fun of anyone.

He loved to laugh, even though we didn’t see much the last few years.  He enjoyed playing cards with his family, watching sports, and  music, especially the music made by his kids and family.

Dad was gifted with his hands and he was incredibly smart. He fixed anything from the electronics in the oilfield to the simplest home repairs. When he set his mind to fix something, it may not looked like it was new, but it was fixed. 

That’s just a few things in my mind today.


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