Are you ready to see your new fixer upper?


Are you ready to see your new fixer upper?

(Commercial break. . .)

The show Fixer Upper has been a big hit. The idea is simple: find the worst house in the best neighborhood, invest in a complete remodel, and voila! You’ve turned a fixer-upper into your dream home!

If you watch the show, you know the tension builds through the entire show as Chip and Joanna Gains turn a fixer-upper into a house surpassing your wildest dreams. The near life-size photo of the old house is pulled apart to reveal the masterpiece. Every client is blown away with the amazing transformation.
Don’t we just love the big reveal? We want to be blown away when the masterpiece is revealed. We want to share in the excitement, in the joy, in the amazement of what was done. We all know Chip and Joanna will always come through. We wish they’d come and do their magic on our house, don’t we.
When Mary gave birth to Jesus, perhaps you could say God was making His big reveal. Pull apart the pages of history, and voila! What do you see? You see God, in a manger, born into an ordinary family; hope, love, joy and peace, all wrapped up in one beautiful baby boy.

When God chose to make His big reveal, a fixer-upper world made brand new, it was hard to find anyone who was amazed at what He had done. There were a few shepherds, who were scared to death by an angel announcement, and a few wise men who knew God was up to something. Yet the world certainly missed the big reveal.

And if we had seen it, our response would’ve been “God, what are you doing? Our world is broken, we live in darkness, oppressed by sin. We need you to fix it, make it over again, and all you can do is send a baby?”

God’s people were hoping, waiting and expecting a Messiah, a great warrior-king who would vanquish their enemies and make everything right again. They were expecting God to make them a great nation.

Yet God had something else in mind that was quite the opposite. Rather than send a warrior-king, God sent a Prince of Peace. This Prince was surely ready to make a brand new world. Trouble was, He was more interested in our hearts than in our nation. He was more concerned by our sin than our safety. Seems He was not here to fix up our world. He was here to fix our broken relationship with Him. By the time we discovered what He was up to, He wasn’t around to thank—in person anyway.

The singer Joni Mitchell sang, “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.”

Don’t miss what God has done. God loves the world so much, He sent His one and only, dearly loved Son. Do you believe it? If you do, you will never die. You’ll spend an amazing eternity with Him.